NEW – early morning Indoor Cycling



Do you find your fitness drops over the winter months when the weather gets in the way of your training?

Unfortunately, there is no getting away from it, after a fantastic summer the temperature is dropping, the darker nights are coming and those bitter cold days are headed our way.  Working outside in those conditions is not for everyone; fear not, however, VIBES have a plan to keep your fitness on top form during the winter with the addition of some early morning Indoor Cycling sessions.  

Indoor Cycling


Spixworth Village Hall

 Saturday– 8am to 8.45am from Sat 5th October

Wednesday – 7am to 7.45am from Weds 9th October

So whether you are already thinking about your goals for next year, maybe a marathon, your first cycling challenge or triathlon, maybe a trek up Ben Nevis.   Perhaps you want to exercise to keep the weight off as Christmas approaches or simply boost your mood during the winter months.

These classes work for anyone whatever your reason, just read some of our client’s comments below to see what they think. .

Cost is £5 on a pay as you go basis; we also offer discounted rates on all our classes: £36 for 8 or £52 for 12 sessions.

Booking is essential due to limited bike numbers.  To book contact us or view all of our classes on our current timetable,

Now we could list you all the benefits of why Indoor Cycling is so good for you but we thought our client’s could put some real and a fun perspective on it for you:

Sue  “I love it – and the feeling of pushing myself to the limit ! There’s a great atmosphere and great people at the classes.  It’s improved my cardio vascular fitness and my cycling in general”

Ian “My wife says I like spinning.  My wife says its good for me and she knows where the insurance policies are!!!”

Rachel Thrussell “I was always slightly scared of taking a spinning class, I had heard many things about the classes, how hard and tough they were and thought it wasn’t for me and I wouldn’t be fit enough. That was until a few months ago when my daughter persuaded me to go with her, and guess what, I really enjoyed myself, it turned out it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and now I am addicted and love it. I won’t lie, the classes are tough, but Sean and Jane make them fun and we do something different each week to stop us getting bored! If you put the effort in, spinning will dramatically improve your fitness levels in only a few months, I can vouch for this. So for those of you out there, who are still unsure about spinning, give it a go and you might find that like me you actually enjoy it and you will make some great friends too.”

Kay “We spin because regular enjoyable exercise is good for us, it keeps us healthy and fit and we really enjoy the classes, we also have made many new friends”

Karama “In all honesty if it wasn’t for the massive support I get from Jane I probably would have given up by now! I always have a can’t be bothered to do this’ feeling but love it while I’m there!”

Suzie “Love the burn…..”

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