What You Need to Know About Our Spin Classes

What kind of shape am I in?

This question is crucial. Indoor Cycling is by no means for everyone. The intensity levels of classes can be very high for an absolute beginner to maintain, particularly for 30-40 minutes. So ease yourself into it.

What should I wear?

Don’t necessarily just opt for running shorts or heavy sweats. If possible try to wear bike shorts, possibly padded ones like most outdoor cyclists wear.

Other indoor cycling recommendations

The following helpful tips can make your first cycling experience a positive one:

*  Please arrive 5 minutes before class is scheduled so classes can start on time.
*  If you are new to the class, let your instructor know so that you can be properly set up on the bike.
*  If you have any physical limitations, let your instructor know.
*  If you wear trainers, make certain shoelaces are not dangling. Tuck them in.
*  Towels are mandatory. You will sweat during these classes and we would ask that towel off your bike after class.
*  Bring water to every class to stay hydrated, before, during and after exercise.
*  Always ride with at least a light resistance.
*  Go at your own pace and monitor your intensity. The instructor will give you cues.  Please note that you are not under any pressure to follow these strictly, particularly if you are a beginner.

Cancellation Policy

Due to demand for places in this class we run a cancellation policy, please click here to view our policy. Booking a bike means you agree to the terms.